The golden thread to more (and better!) customers

When you have information you need to share, Dorset Techcomms can help you.

We specialise in explaining technical things, often to non-technical people, to switch on the lightbulb of connection and understanding.

How this helps you

When people find your products and services easier to understand and use, they are more likely to be engaged and become (and remain) customers – and recommend you to others.

After all, who likes being left in the dark?

Why Dorset Techcomms

We specialise in marketing and communications for tech and healthcare companies who see their customers as partners, not simply users.

We create technical documentation and ‘how to’ guides that provide the information your customers need, when and where they need it – providing major savings on support time and costs.

In addition we develop fully-researched, keyword-optimised content for your website, for case studies, newsletters, social media and more, so that your business stands out above the crowd.

We combine a personal service with international experience, with clients past and present across many sectors including IT, healthcare and pharma, manufacturing, building and engineering, brewing and interiors.

Contact us

When people have questions, they want the answers right away – sometimes even to questions they haven’t thought of yet.

That’s the purpose of good tech communications. That’s why we’re here, and why we want to work with you.

Contact Westrow at Dorset Techcomms and let’s talk:

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