Who do you want your customers to become?

Interesting thinking on innovation and customer focus in this post at Harvard Business Review – Smart companies increasingly recognize that their own futures depend on how ingeniously they invest in the future capabilities of their customers. and transforming your innovation mindset: Shift the focus from extracting value from customers to making customers more valuable. Simply […]

How to Give a Good Handshake

Getting out and about in the New Year has got me thinking about handshakes. We all know how important first impressions are – so how can you make the best first impression with your handshake? It’s seems the subject is fraught with insecurity – according to a survey for Chevrolet (quoted by The Daily Mail) some 70% […]

Why Customer Experience Matters – Data

Customer Experience (CX) is now widely discussed and duly name-checked in any web marketing context – but all too often this is as far as it gets. There is no follow through or readiness to invest in improvements. However, as this 2014 study by Watermark Consulting vividly demonstrates, the top 10 leaders in Forrester Research’s annual […]

Past and present: Design is how it works

The good thing about magazines – I mean the actual, real, glossy paper ones (glossy not mandatory) is that you can sometimes find them, years, long after you’ve forgotten you ever had them, in the back of the desk drawer, under the sofa or wherever. Like this issue of The Word magazine. And that wonderfully […]

Can social media actually generate sales ? – Data

Do posts or ads on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest and twitter actually generate sales? According to a new report from Business Insider the answer is emphatically Yes. And growing. For while direct referrals from a social network may account for only a fraction of sales today, the volume of social commerce is growing quickly […]

If we could show you the future…

would you walk all over it? Back in the day, at the agency where I was working, we were pleased with this mailer to the customers of a flooring manufacturer announcing their new website. Those were the days – when you sent out a mailer to tell people you had a website. In a world of contradictions, perhaps not a […]

10 Ways To Make Money in a Free World

This is the freebie e-book distillation of The Curve by Nicholas Lovell and, whilst he does not address the short tail specifically, (surveyed here in this post), The Curve essentially argues that there is plenty of life left in the long tail – if you do it right. Or, as the blurb puts it, The […]

Is This the Era of the Short Head ?

Have you noticed how winners seem to win ever bigger these days. That one book/film/app/search engine etc. takes a mega-portion of the market, leaving all the rest fighting over a tiny slice of the cake? Well, there’s a theory for this: the short head. In the 10 rules of the short head, Dan Chen provides […]

Google redesign and page titles

You’ve probably noticed Google implemented a redesign of its search results pages recently. Jon Wiley, the lead designer for Google search, posted in Google+ that: We’ve increased the size of result titles, removed the underlines, and evened out all the line heights. This improves readability and creates an overall cleaner look. We’ve also brought over our […]

The St James Infirmary Blues

Folk songs, memes, and going viral It’s been a long road down but I hope I’m finally and decisively on the way back up and I won’t be playing the pneumonia blues no more. However I have been playing the St James Infirmary Blues and what a great song it is. You can play it […]

How to Knock Off a Bag

Why are expensive leather bags so… expensive? Watch this brilliant and witty video by Dave Munson of Saddleback Leather Co. and you will know. In the video he shows pirates how to knock off his bags, and demonstrates that the only way to make his products cheaper is to make them worse. Use lower quality […]

Proust on Procrastination

In this wonderful passage Proust nails procrastination and all the evasive and equivocal excuses we give ourselves for putting off until tomorrow what we should be doing today. Incisive, but also very funny. We may deceive others, or even ourselves, temporarily, but deep down we know: Had I been less firmly resolved upon settling down […]

Optimizing your Pinterest page

Pinterest is the fastest growing social network, and is now embracing business with its business pages (it wasn’t long ago that business was banned but, hey, Pinterest is ‘pivoting’). So it’s a good time to get on board and make the most of this opportunity to attract more traffic, leads and customers to your business. […]

If you’re not living on the edge,

you’re taking up too much space!’ (Unknown). My take-away from the excellent presentation by Dr Dave (Richards, of Bournemouth University) who spoke at the South Coast Connections networking event earlier in the week. He was speaking on innovation, defining the innovative as that which adds new value – though he was careful to emphasise that […]