This page provides some examples of past projects in copywriting and editorial writing.

Most of my tech projects are subject to NDAs and it is therefore difficult to include examples here. However I can provide some edited examples; please contact me to discuss.

Feature writing for print and web

Including articles on T E Lawrence and Bob Dylan for The Global Dispatches international web magazine of expert analysis and commentary (click on icon to link to the feature):



Feature article on literary locations for Pride of Britain hotels magazine:


Online travel guides

For example: A Literary Guide to Venice

Web content

Content for Tait-Lane professional services website

Content for Custom Made Ear Protection website

Promo and info sheets for TV companies

Outline of Senses episode for Richard Hammond’s Miracles of Nature

Senses, programme InfoSheet

Writing and design of promo sheet for catch-up episode of Tribal Wives

Tribal Wives Where Are They Now


Advertising & PR

Consumer advertising for independent brewery:

Legend-BB-ad-web   200-Years-ad-web