Just Do It

Loved this from Matthew Kimberley’s Get A Grip: action is the difference between ‘screw it, let’s do it’ and ‘fuck it, let’s have a kebab.’ Also loved this from Jeanette Winterson’s latest, Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal: Manchester spun riches beyond anybody’s wildest dreams, and wove despair and degradation into the human […]

Hello darkness my old friend

Down here the first week of November has been suitably wild and stormy, with a sharp, bright, beautiful full moon occasionally visible, hanging low over the trees in the darkness, and casting its quiet, implacable glow against the scudding clouds blown across its face. A view like an old negative held up to the light, […]

The beauty of good design

… is that it ages gracefully. And stylishly. Because it has integrity. This sign, alongside the Stour at lower Bryanston, says what it needs to say in a plain, simple, appropriate font, and just keeps on geting better as the years pass. Photograph taken during a morning walk with the dog in the present cold […]