Technical communications

What are technical communications?

Technical communications build a bridge between the product and the user, providing the information that enables a person to use a product or service safely and efficiently.

Well-written, well-designed technical communications will

  • Improve your reputation in the marketplace
  • Increase sales and customer satisfaction
  • Help retain customer loyalty
  • Increase the likelihood of repeat orders and word of mouth recommendation
  • Reduce costs of ongoing support
  • Improve the productivity of development and support staff

Research by the Aberdeen Group in 2009 confirmed that technical documentation stands to contribute as much as a 42% increase in customer satisfaction and an associated 45% increase in product revenue.

Why use a professional technical author?

Because you will get better results, and thus happier customers, by using a specialist who will devote their whole attention to the document and take good care to produce a lucid and well-structured publication.

An experienced technical author is able to assimilate new material quickly and provides a valuable test of system integrity before the customer does.

Furthermore, you release the designers’ time for research & development work, and don’t risk the ‘obvious’ being left out of the documentation because of over-familiarity with the subject – forgetting that the intended audience does not perceive the ‘obvious.’

Make sense of complex information with technical communications that are:

  • Clear – identifying the tasks required and explaining how to perform them
  • Concise – providing the information users need, but not overloading them or confusing them with irrelevant information
  • Structured intuitively – so that readers will find the information they need quickly and easily
  • Accessible – written in a style appropriate to the culture and needs of the readership

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